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Ringier Axel Springer Hungary is one of the largest and most modern media companyies in Hungary . The company has been established in 2014, when Ringier AG and Axel Springer SE have integrated parts of their portfolio into their Joint Venture Ringier Axel Springer Media AG, which bundles the activities of both shareholders in Central and Eastern Europe. 
The key to the success is no secret! We operate according to the principle: “Be the first, keep on developing”. For almost 20 years we have been reacting quickly and flexible to the opportunities and changes presented to us in this fast developing environment. The company, which is the market leader in almost every segment, has maintained its strong leading position despite difficult economic conditions of the past years.  
Our company possesses the widest media portfolio and trusted media brands in Hungary. The daily Blikk is the leading national daily in Hungary Looking back, we did pioneer work when creating the magazine Kiskegyed. For over 20 years it has been one of the most favourite women’s magazines.. Its success and popularity is unbroken still today and soon Kiskegyed Konyhája and Csók és Könny followed. Additional successful brands  of the women’s portfolio are: Kiskegyed Gyöngy, Hölgyvilág, Kiskegyed Otthona, Kiskegyed Rejtvény, Kiskegyed Fitt. Our women’s portfolio became even more successful when brand extensions Blikk Nők Konyha, Blikk Women Cuisine, Blikk Nők Otthon és Kert and Blikk Women Home and Garden were launched.
Our publisher also possesses the strongest and widest program-magazine portfolio. The products are different with regard to price and service as well as consumption and functionality; the premium program-magazines: Tvr-hét, Színes Kéthetes Tévéműsor, the functional program-magazines: Tvr Újság, Sárga RTV, TV Kéthetes, TV Revü, and Képes Tv Műsor make the portfolio complete.
Also in the market of cross-word puzzle magazines we maintain our leading position by offering nearly 30 types of magazines to our readers and partners. Our cross-word puzzle portfolio, too, consists of strong brands which have been successful for years. Ügyes, Ügyes Évszakok, Eszes, Kópé, Kápé, Jó vicc, Rejtvény Terefere, Ügyes Extra Szudoku are the most popular publications.
Our license titles GEO, Auto Bild Hungary and Glamour are the strongest brands in the market. The magazine Glamour is not only one of the readers’ most popular fashion magazines, but also partner for a range of successful and innovative events. No wonder, the Glamour-Days – which are already mentioned as a series of events – has been the first coupon shopping action in the market.
Our publications are read by almost 2,5 million readers on average yearly, altogether we create more than 14 million contacts yearly with our printed titles.

Today, there are over 300 colleagues employed by the enterprise.