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Career opportunities

We strive to create an interesting working environment with the opportunity to collaborate with talented people and offering professional and intellectual challenges. We want to encourage entrepreneurial spirit and creativity. Only this way we will be able to face future challenges and take a pioneering role in shaping the media markets of tomorrow. Working in the media business means lifelong learning. This is why we support our employees in
acquiring and continuously developing their professional knowledge as well as their skills and abilities necessary for and beyond their scope of activities.


Our guiding principles

 Ringier Axel Springer stands for independent and critical journalism. This means that we must remain being critical as well towards our own business practices, values and ethics. This is why we at Ringier Axel Springer Hungary have adapted the Group-wide Code of Conduct and base our actions on those guiding principles. We arecommitted to applying high ethical standards in all publishing and journalistic activities, dealings with business partners, competitors and all relations with employees. The Code of Conduct is designed to reaffirm and promote our self-imposed norms and standards, which foster our credibility.The guideline supports our employees in making responsible decisions when dealing with colleagues, authorities and institutions or the general public.