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1. GLAMOUR Women of the Year
The GLAMOUR Women of the Year awarding ceremony has been organized by the magazine since 2008. This pink carpet- event was called into existence in order to encourage talented women and present them to the general public. It is a private gala, however, due to live broadcasting also the readers of GLAMOUR and the visitors of are present at the event, and with their live comments make the gala - which brings these young women into the limelight - more colourful and a great feast. From nomination till voting GLAMOUR Women of the Year is completely interactive, i.e. the readers name those people, whom they think much of and whom they consider to be an example in the given category, then they decide in the 5+1 categories in the voting space of who should take home the very highly valued prize. The most splendid party of the year is organized in March every year.

For the first birthday of the magazine GLAMOUR, in 2005 this action was first organized. It is based on a completely original idea and counts today already as a nation-wide shopping party. Everybody in Hungary knows what the GLAMOUR-days stand for and it is a red-letter holiday. Twice a year, in April and in October, anybody can buy fashionable clothes at a much cheaper price.  The coupon booklet attached to the magazine counts as a treasure, because you can save a lot of money with it. As this special event has a great tradition and everyone knows exactly, when the next one will take place, everyone also prepares for it. The success of the GLAMOUR-days is best expressed with the following sentence: There is Christmas also in April and in October!

3. Shopping party and Fashion Weekend
GLAMOUR, being the most popular fashion magazine in Hungary, has from the beginning put special emphasis on making the newest trends available to its readers. We help women with shopping parties organized regularly to get informed about the latest fashion articles and to be able to purchase them at a pleasant coming together at reduced prices. The idea is completely original, so the readers of GLAMOUR connect these events to the magazine and look forward in every season to doing their shopping together with their girl friends and a glass of champagne in their hands with the help of the stylists of GLAMOUR. Not only can they buy at a special price, but they can have new make-up and hair-cut as well, so they can refresh their whole appearance while having great fun. Sometimes the action takes for one day, but sometimes a whole week-end, and we receive our readers always in cooperation with a distinguished brand.

4. Stiletto run
This is an unforgettable funny coming together with the readers of GLAMOUR. Women are able to everything and can hold their ground everywhere. This should be expressed by this happy stiletto run, where the competitors as well as the fans of the women running in wonderful shoes amuse themselves. Now you don’t have to run after the bus but be the fastest woman running in high-heeled shoes with at least 8 cm heels. This original event is regularly organized by GLAMOUR. It is decided by a draw among the entrants who can toe the line. The fastest runner receives an imposing sum of money, however the jury of GLAMOUR distributes prizes also for the trendiest outfit and the most beautiful shoes, so the run is at the same time a fashionable event, where all kinds of indulgence, beauty tips, fashion experts and healthy food await the people being interested. One of our favourite saying perfectly expressing the light humour of the event is: shopping is the best sport.

1. Kiskegyed Adventure Weekend
Several thousand visitors were curious at the Kiskegyed Adventure Weekend organized at the weekend of 12-13 July 2014. On our stage built on the lake in Városliget entertaining and spectacular performances were organized on both days of the event, and in the green areas small and bigger children could find creative and field-events. Gastronomical experience, advice given by dietists, first-aid training, fortune telling and graphology analysis awaited the visitors on the site. Under the aegis of our social responsibility we offered the money collected from the raffle-draw to one of the foundations exceeding in the fight against breast cancer. On the stage of the event we drew also a valuable car for our readers.

2. Prize games
Prize games are organized for the readers of Kiskegyed throughout the year offering a wide range of prizes from household appliances to cars, from gift tokens to wellness week-ends. You can play on print and online spaces as well and the lucky applicants get informed at once!

3. Drawing competition
In the competition elementary students and their preparing teachers can participate together. When choosing the prizes, we lay special emphasis on the fact that beyond giving joy they should also have an educational character.